Blitzway 5Pro Studio Inspector Gadget Deluxe Set


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This wonderful deluxe version contains all the figures (Inspector Gadget, Chief Quimby, Brain, and Penny) plus the connectable bases with each characters and different special speechbubble effects to create more dramatic and entertaining scenes in the play. In one single box set you get all the line and more…

Accessories include

Inspector Gadget:

2 Replaceable faces
3 Replaceable hats
3 Replaceable eyes
7 Replaceable hands
1 Gadget ‘Brella
1 Gadget ‘Copter
2 Gadget skates
2 Gadget springs
4 Gadget arms
1 Gadget neck
2 Gadget mechanical arms
1 Flashlight
1 Detective badge
1 Magnifying glass
1 Diorama base

Brian and Penny:

1 Mexican style hat [Brain]
1 Mexican poncho [Brain]
1 Replaceable nose with mustache [Brain]
3 Replaceable arm [Penny]
2 Replaceable face [Penny]
1 Opened book [Penny]
1 Closed book [Penny]
2 Diorama bases


1 Trash can
4 Replaceable arms
1 Mission paper
1 Diorama base

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