Bandai Gundam Robot Spirits Effects Parts Accessories Set


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A long-awaited effect parts set that expands the play of the ROBOT soul ver.ANIME series! Reproduce the scene more deeply with effects that add realism to the battle, such as shooting, slashing, and explosions.

A set of effect parts and connection joints that can be widely used by both major machines such as Gundam and mass-produced machines.

Joints that can be attached to each part of the MS are included, allowing scene reproduction just like in the play.

A ring for fixing the effect around the torso is prepared for each body size.

Saber stab effect
[Gundam] Beam saber stab effect that reproduces the Zaku defeat scene that symbolizes episode 1.
The effect that reproduces the spark can be adjusted to the angle of the body with a ball joint.

・ Slashing effect
A slashing effect that colors the battle between MSs.
A realistic scene can be created by combining with an effect fixing ring.

・ Landing and explosion effects, joints
You can attach impact / explosion effects to any part using joints for the head or shield.

・ Beam penetration effect, fixing ring
Four types of effect fixing rings are included: Gundam Gym, Zaku, Dom, and Gelgoog.
A flashy effect can be installed.

・ Bazooka effect
[ROBOT soul <SIDE MS> RX-78-2 Gundam ver.ANIME] (sold separately) Launch effect that can be attached to the included hyper bazooka.
The smoke exhaust effect can be attached to the dedicated bazooka attached to [ROBOT soul <SIDE MS> FA-78-2 Heavy Gundam ver.ANIME] (sold separately).

Saber stab effect (front) (back)
・ 2 types of impact effects

Explosion effect (large) (small)
・ Bazooka launch effect
・ Bazooka smoke removal effect
・ Beam penetration effect (front) (back)

Saber slashing effect (large) (small)
・ Effect fixing ring (for Gundam / Gym)
・ Effect fixing ring (for Zaku)
・ Effect fixing ring (for dom)
・ Effect fixing ring (for gelgoog)
・ Various joint set