Bandai Gundam Astray Red Frame Revise Master Grade (MG) 1/100 Model Kit


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From the graphic novel Mobile Suit: Gundam SEED VS Astray: the MG Gundam Astray Red Frame Kai!

Equipped with two main weapons: the metallic-bladed Gerbera Straight and Tiger Pierce Katanas. Sheaths can be attached at the hip- one on either side, or held by the suit’s manipulators. The Tactical Arms IIL has been recreated in its customized form, and includes a custom action base. Tactical Arms IIL can shift into flight mode or arrow mode, and beam effect has been reproduced using clear parts. Suit can equip Tactical Arms IIL (Sword Mode) on the back.


  • Gerbera Straight,
  • Tiger Pierce,
  • Tactical Arms IIL,
  • 1/100 Scale Lowe Guele Figure (standing/seated)